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Plant Based Diet for Mind, Body and Beauty – #GOVEGAN

It’s unfortunate, but there’s a continuous surge in the demand of meat and dairy worldwide. Not only are these common staples harmful to your skin but factory farming is the leading cause of climate change. If you want to improve your beauty routine while contributing to a healthier planet, listen up….lessening this dangerous duo in your diet can pave way for so many beauty benefits for your skin and health benefits, not too mention it’s good karma!  Why not save…
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Vegan Apple Cranberry DIY Facial Recipe Will Give Your Skin a Healthy Glow This Holiday Season

organic cranberries and organic apples Apples and Cranberries go together in so many tasty ways – Apple Cranberry Juice, Cranberry Sauce and Apple Pies on Thanksgiving, Dried Apples and Cranberries strung on the Christmas tree, and…. this awesome vegan DIY facial recipe! Organic cranberries are filled with antioxidants; more than pretty much any other fruit or veggie out there.  This makes them ideal for skin care.  Antioxidants help our skin protect itself from the harsh effects day to day life as well as repair any…
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Odor Fighting Foods for Less Funk, During Any Activity

Body odor is a common issue for so many people, and during extreme activities, hardcore workouts, or just a warm day, you can plan on some funky odors. But there are ways to reduce the potency, and pungent smell associated with your body odor. Rely on natures goodness and avoid toxic talc and aluminum filled body products! Simple dietary changes can make a huge difference, because really, whatever you put in your body will at some point need to come…
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DIY Natural Hair Treatments for Luscious Locks WithOUT Chemical Crap!

no bull natural hair treatment recipes So often we use products on our hair in an effort to help make it healthier that actually compromise it in the long run.  I’m not saying our intentions aren’t right; many of us over process our hair almost daily and providing it nourishment is essential!  But, all too often, these “treatments” are only providing short term benefits and are actually causing harm in the long run with their funky chemical ingredients.  Not so with these DIY natural hair treatments…
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Hemp Hemp Hooray | The Natural Beauty Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil!

Hemp Hemp Hooray! Let’s face it, when most people hear the word hemp, they think of a lot of things; but beauty isn’t tops on the list!  It honestly should be though. Hemp seeds, when pressed, make a highly nutritive oil.  This resulting hemp seed oil can be used topically as well as incorporated into your diet for a variety of amazing natural beauty benefits – Here are just a few of them. Rich in Essential Fatty Acids A Natural Anti Oxidant Great…
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To D or Not to D? What Makes Vitamin D So Essential

Sunblock or Vitamin D For the longest time, Vitamin D has been deemed to be an essential component of the body. This claim cannot be contradicted because low levels of Vitamin D are connected with several health issues like heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease and even depression! Since not everyone gets an ample supply of this delightful D vitamin, supplements are being recommended left and right. The unfortunate news is, not all supplements are the same and some of them can be confusing. The…
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Are GMOs Sneaking Under Your Skin?

The hot topic of the day is eating foods that are actually genetically monitored organisms. Many people don’t want to put foods into their body that have be significantly altered. While we are aware these foods exist, could you be putting genetically monitored organisms on your skin too? Sounds like mad science!  Referred to as GMOs, CSA states these plants are created for use by humans or animals by using molecular biology techniques. They are not plants in their natural…
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